The 7 years of friendships. 

Hi everyone, today is a different sort of blog post. It isn’t makeup, or beauty, or anything like that. It’s just me rambling on about how my friendships have followed, or maybe not, the 7 year rule.

We’re only just past half way through the year, and my friendships have already changed so much. I’ve already lost someone I thought would be my best friend for a long long time, but Ive spoken to people again who I haven’t spoken to properly since school finished last summer.

Most friendships apparently last around 7 years, and if they are longer than that then you’ll be friends with that person forever. I really think this is true. I had a friend when I was a baby who I didn’t speak to once we started school, but then I started hanging out with her again when we were about 11 because we went to the same secondary. She was my best friend, but a few years later we started to drift apart, and it was then that I realised the 7 year rule is true.

As you go through secondary school, your friendship group changes a hell of a lot, and people who are best friends one year may hate each other the next. It doesn’t really help when boys and relationships get involved either. And when you go to a girls school too, that makes matters even worse!

There are two people who I’m friends with, and we go through stages of being super close, and then there are times when we don’t speak for months. But I know I can trust them with everything.

What I don’t know though, is if they’re going to be apart of the 7 year rule. One of the girls, I’ve known since I was 10, but we had only really become friends when I was about 14. The other girl, I was best friends with for about a year when I was 13, then again when I was 16, and now we’re close again. I guess I’ll just have to wait a few years to see if these people will be apart of the rest of my life, but for now, I’m thankful they’re here for some of it.

One thing that worries me about ‘the 7 years of friendship’ is that what if it applies to relationships too? What if I found the love of my life but it was only going to be perfect for 7 years?

Food for thought. Thanks for reading.
Speak soon,



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