Things I wear too much – summer edition.

In England its incredibly hard to guess what the weathers going to be. Most people expect it to snow around December, and are surprised to see it snow in February. But then by April/May we could all be wearing shorts and sunbathing in out gardens because its too hot.

Today I have my summer edition of things I wear too much. I thought it would be appropriate for me to post this today, as I’m actually flying home from Rome. Lets get started.

1 – Denim shorts, specifically from American Eagle. They are my summer favourite as they can be dressed up or dressed down and are so easy to throw on.

2 – White Converse. I literally can’t explain this one. They just work. They go with every outfit, they’re comfy, they can be worn casually or smartly. The only downside is to how dirty they can get. I tend to buy a new pair of converse every summer… but they are so good for every occasion!!

3 – Simple crop tops, my favourites are Boohoo’s slash neck ones, cheap and cheerful. So perfect for throwing on to walk to the pool.

4 – My Nike grey hoodie. This ones strange, why am I wearing a hoodie in summer? Well this one isn’t a heavy hoodie, it’s light and airy. When on holiday I use this to put on when at lunch or breakfast, as sometimes the air con can get a little too cold. And I hate being cold.

5 – My Ray Bans. They literally follow me everywhere (other than the sea) because I spent so much money on them and I love them so much. I mean, they’re sun glasses, they do the job, but they fit perfectly, I just love them.

6 – My white River Island back pack. It’s big enough to fit the essentials for the beach aka sun cream, earphones and money but it’s not so big that it’s huge. It’s also great for taking round cities or on long walks because it’s not heavy. I’ve used it every day this holiday.

Speak soon,



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