Healthy life choices, starting now

If you knew me when I was younger, you’ll know that I am definitely a chocolate person. I used to eat about 4 chocolate bars a day, and it was so bad for me… Now that summer is coming, I have decided to try to become healthier, so I can be happier within myself and get fit and into a less sugary routine. Here are the things I have done, or am trying to do to become a healthier me.

1 – I joined my local gym. I’m not going to suddenly become a gym freak, but I am trying to go once or twice a week to rebuild my stamina. Since starting my new job, I rarely exercise, and I have recently started to notice how that is affecting me. My new gym has a studio and a pool so I can dance or swim if I’m really not feeling the treadmill. This is also going to help me get a more toned body, so that I can look a bit better for my holidays! HAHA!

2 – I have cut some sugary foods out of my diet. I have slowly stopped eating chocolate and sweets regularly and have replaced them with more beneficial foods such as fruit or yogurt. Although I do still allow myself the occasional chocolate bar, because I find myself wanting it even more if I remove it completely. I have also taken carbs out of my diet unless I know I will burn all of the extra calories off.

3 – Walking my dog, Jaz. This is a good one for me because we have so much fun running around the fields that I actually forget that it is classed as exercise! It takes an hour out of my day, which is good because if I wasn’t walking Jaz, I’d probably be eating! Walking is also a great way to clear your mind too.

4 – Be aware that the more alcohol I drink, the more calories my body will store. I never really noticed this one until a few weeks ago, but it is so true! I have to work extra hard on my body during the days surrounding my nights out because of all the extra calories. But its certainly worth it.

It is a slow journey, but I know that with the determination, I will become a more healthier and fitter person, and I am glad I will be able to share my journey with you.

Speak soon,



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