3 things I do to keep my hair healthy

Okay, so as you might know, its taken me a long long time to get it to look how it does now! Here are 3 of my tips to get your hair healthy again.

1 – Avoid heat as much as possible. I try to only straighten or curl my hair once a week, and I rarely blow dry it. I will wash my hair at night, about an hour before I’m due to sleep, so that it can air dry, and defrizz, and it looks great when I wake up. Ver ‘beach waves’ style. When I do use heat, I always use a heat protectant too.

2 – Don’t dye it that often. I haven’t actually dyed my hair in about 3 years, and surprisingly, last time I did dye it, it was brown! To keep my hair blonde, I use L’Oreal Sunkissed gradual lightener, and I put this on my roots every month or so. Then in summer, I let the sun work its magic!

3 – Don’t tie it too tightly in hair ties. I try not to do this, but sometimes its impossible. The tight band breaks the hairs and therefore makes it look as if its not growing, Instead of using hair ties, use the ringlet bands, or a scrunchie.

Thats it for now guys, hope you enjoyed!

Speak soon,




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