My Bucket List, a work in progress.

As I publish this blog post, I am actually ticking off two of the items on my bucket list. Number One and Number Twenty Nine. Today, I fly to Boston. (But I am going to NY within the week)

One – Visit all 50 States of America.

Two – Get married.

Three – See the Northern Lights.

Four – Learn how to surf.

Five – Get at least one paid acting job.

Six – Watch a sunrise or sunset from a beach.

Seven – Travel first class.

Eight – Go skinny dipping.

Nine – Finish an entire colouring book.

Ten – Drive down Route 66.

Eleven – Visit Galapagos Island.

Twelve – Watch the ball drop in Times Square.

Thirteen – Go to Coachella.

Fourteen – Eat a pizza in Italy.

Fifteen – Visit the 9/11 Memorial.

Sixteen – Go to Disneyland with my best friend.

Seventeen – Ride an elephant.

Eighteen – Go skinny dipping.

Nineteen – Spend a night in a tree house.

Twenty – Ride a horse on a beach.

Twenty One – Visit the original Starbucks in Seattle.

Twenty Two – Be the maid of honour at my best friends wedding.

Twenty Three – Go to the airport and buy a random ticket.

Twenty Four – Party in Las Vegas.

Twenty Five – Give a shelter pet a home.

Twenty Six – Dye my hair a funky colour.

Twenty Seven – Visit Niagra Falls.

Twenty Eight – Fly in a private jet. 

Twenty Nine – Go to Times Square.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now, but I’ll update you if I add anymore! 

Speak soon,





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