My hair transformation over the years

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Today I am sharing with you my hair transformation as I have grown up. There are some super embarrassing photos here too, for your enjoyment.

This picture was taken in Disneyland when I was about 6. My mum had always been my hairdresser, although she hasn’t got any qualifications. She always put my hair up so it didn’t really matter how good the cut was. This is my natural hair colour.

Okay, so this is a few years later, I was 8 or 9 here. My hair got thicker and longer, and more frizzy (unfortunately) and was pretty hard to tame.

11 year old Abbie on the left, 17 year old Abbie on the right. This I actually took as a comparison as a first vs last day of school. I had decided that I wanted a hair cut and so I got a long bob, but with my thick hair it turned out terrible…Centre parting as well WOW!

Ok, so we have skipped a few years now. In this photo I am about 14. This was the time where I wore extensions as I was growing my hair out. My hair was getting darker at the roots so I was rocking the ombre look.

Okay, I’m either 15 or 16 here, and I was first allowed to dye my hair. For years, id never liked blonde so I died it light brown and went for an off centre parting, still trying to grow out that awful bob.


This next photo was taken a few weeks apart from the previous. I had dip-dyed my hair blonde and suddenly gotten extensions again. This was my year 11 prom day and I wanted long hair to look my best.


There isn’t much to say about this one, it was the day I took my extensions out.


And a few weeks later I was bored of the dip dye so went back to brown. My hair was starting to look dead and dull so it was around this time that I started to take Biotin supplements.


This one is a few months later, I hadn’t re-dyed my hair since I went back to brown and so it had just faded naturally. My hair was also finally getting to the length I wanted it.


Summer came round and completely transformed the colour of my hair. I still hadn’t re -dyed it, I was just using blonde shampoo and the sun at this point.


It was around feb 2016 that I started to notice a difference in my hair growing. It got thicker and longer. It was then that I started to use a blondening cream.


This is my hair currently when its straight. Every now and then I dye my roots with a L’Oreal gradual dye, which then gets lighter with my blonde shampoo. My hair is finally the length I wanted it to be, although it is not the healthiest, I am working on it by not using heat as much as possible, such as letting it dry naturally, or use the lowest temp setting on my straighteners even if it does take longer.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how my hairstyles have changed as I grew up.

Speak soon,




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