My makeup collection – powder.

Ugh don’t you just hate Mondays! Today’s post is unfortunately really short but that’s only because I only have 2 powders! Here they are.


Okay so this is my RCMA No Colour Powder, and it my absolute favourite thing ever! The actual powder is amazing for its £12 price tag, you can use it for anything. The packaging is the worst thing ever though, so you gotta just try to make it work, or do what I do and transfer it into another pot!


And this is my Max Factor Creme Puff Powder. This is good for touch ups in my opinion, not for setting originally. It has a really lose formula so is great for quickly dusting over your skin.

Okay I am sorry this is so short I just love these 2 so much that I don’t want any other powders! HAHA

Speak soon,



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