My makeup collection – Concealers.

It’s Friiiiiddddaaaayyyy!!! Wooo!

Concealer day! Here it goes! Best to worst!

Tarte shape tape – MY NEW TIME FAVOURITE! I only got this yesterday, but when I tried it, I absolutely love it. Definitely worth the hype! Its soooo full coverage, I love it!


Next up is my Too Faced Born This Way. The coverage on this is pretty good too, and I like it because the wear time is so long, and it certainly doesn’t crease!


Okay, so now we have the NAKED Skin Concealer. Again, I really like this one, its just as good as my Born This Way, but the wear time isn’t as long, which kinda sucks…


This, my Collection Lasting Perfection is amazing for its £4.15 price tag (I think). This is literally the NAKED Skin but drugstore!


As you can see, I’ve used my Maybelline Eraser Eye a hell of a lot. The coverage is perfect when you’ve caught up on sleep and don’t have huge bags under your eyes!


Again, the coverage is medium on the Rimmel Wake Me Up, but it goes perfectly with the foundation.


The LA Girl Pro Conceal is new to my collection, and at the minute I’m liking them both a lot. For the price, the coverage is amazing, and the green one does a great job at hiding my redness.


I’m not really a big fan of the uni magique, and I don’t really know why…


This MAC Pro Longwear used to be my favourite, and I am still amazed by the coverage it gives. It creases quite easily, but I don’t mind because the wear time is great too.


Okay, last but not least, the Rimmel match perfection. This is great if you don’t need much coverage, but want it to last all day!

Thats all for today I’m afraid!

Speak soon,



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