My makeup collection – foundations. 

Good evening everyone! Who saw this post go up completely unfinished? Haha! Today I’ve got my foundation collection for you, from best to worst.


Okay, so here we have the Hourglass stick foundation, my current favourite. I have only had this a few weeks but it quickly shot to the top of my list because of how good the coverage is and how amazing it is at looking natural. The one thing I will say though, is that it does oxidise a little bit.


Next is my Bourjouis Healthy Mix and Rimmel Wake Me Up. My summer favourites. I find the coverage of these foundation perfect in summer, covers the sunburn well but doesn’t look cakey. The shade selection is lovely too, and I’m sure that if I needed another winter shade I’d go for one of these


Moving on. Now I have my Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Cream. I LOVE THIS. This has such a good coverage for a BB cream, and is perfect for those no makeup makeup days, especially for work!


Alright, I really don’t consider this a BB cream either. This is literally a medium coverage foundation. I love everything about this for the fact that its like £6. As long as you set it, it lasts beautifully all day with only 1 or 2 touch ups. There is literally nothing bad to say about this ELF BB Cream.



Okay, so the Revlon Nearly Naked, Collection True Match and Loreal Nude Magique Cushion are all kind of the same for me. I use them all, but they’re not as good as the others. All three have medium but build able coverage and thats great but their staying power isn’t that good. I often find myself adding more foundation to my chin because its broken up so quickly.


I really don’t know why the MAC Studio Sculpt is this far down my list. I guess that for the price it isn’t that good. When I first tried this foundation I thought that it was amazing because of the coverage and how it lasts all day. But now when I really think about it, it gives an awful texture to my skin and makes me look really oily…


Okay, these last few I have no review for. Either because I haven’t worn them in so long, they’re brand new or the shade doesn’t match… but when I do wear them ill let you know my opinion.

Thats all for today folks.

Speak soon,



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