How 2016 changed me.

Okay, so I know that its now almost the end of January (WHAT?!?) But I have decided to upload this post anyway.

A lot of things happened on 2016 which has helped me grow as a person, and today, I am going to ramble on about them, whether you care or not.

Number One – I applied to a drama college. Granted, I didn’t get in, but I got an audition, and an unconditional place on their foundation course. But I didn’t have the money for that… This experience was surreal as it was my first audition for something major, and I was so please as to how it went, and at the outcome. Theres always room to improve, and I am glad that I did it.

Number Two – I passed my driving test. First time. Driving isn’t really that big of a deal to most people, but to me it meant the world. And when I tell you why, you’ll be shocked. I wanted to pass my driving test so that I could go to more auditions and become that oh so famous actress I so desperately want to be. But guess what, I’ve been passed almost a year, and how many auditions have I been to? None. But being able to drive (and owning a car) gives you that sense of freedom and realisation that you were an adult now.

Number Three – I completed my A-Levels, just. If you didn’t know, I was studying Business, Dance and Theatre Studies, and in May / June 2016 I took my final exams. Now lets say… I didn’t get the grades I wanted, but then again, I didn’t try as hard as I could have done. I haven’t ever been an academic person, hence why I like to dance and act, so the theory sides of those subjects, I struggled with… A LOT… I even started crying in pizza hut the day before my exam… but that story is for another time.

Number Four – I completed an acting camp in Los Angeles. This experience was one that I will never forget, and one that I’m so thankful for as well. As I’ve wrote about this before, you can check out that blog post for a more in depth answer. However, the thrill of flying across the world for three weeks where you don’t know anyone is amazing and if I had the chance, I would certainly do it again.

Number Five – My friendships changed a lot. Throughout sixth form, I had a great little friendship group. I loved everyone and we all went through everything together. But then in September they all pretty much went off to uni, and someone would only pop up in the group chat once a week instead of every hour. Now, those group chats haven’t been used for months, and we only really speak to one another when we are out and see each other. Its strange, because over summer, I couldn’t live without any of them, and now, they’re not really in my life. I miss them a lot, but things change and people change and I’ve got to remember that.

Number Six – Jo is still my number One. Jo and I met 8 years ago, and didn’t really like one another, but here we are 8 years later, and she sees me first when she’s home from Uni, before her boyfriend or parents or siblings… We have only been close for a year or so, and its been the best year ever. Sometimes we argue, or piss each other off, or accidentally stand on the others foot and break their toe, but we are there for each other 100%. I love Jo because she’s always making me laugh or smile, and I know that we are really going to be friends for a while. Because we both put 50/50 effort in, not 60/40 like some people…

Number Seven – I got my first full time job. The first step into adulthood. I met some amazing people, some who are fellow actors, some who live a completely different life to me. I don’t have that job anymore, but I loved it.

Number Eight – I turned 18. And my birthday was more than I could ever ask for. I had a 5 hour dance class, with Jo and some of our other friends. And then I had a house party where I got to spend the evening with everyone before they all went off to uni. It was an eventful night, I saw people I hadn’t really spoken to in years, and I kicked a few people out at 2am, and even though I did cry, I wouldn’t change that day for the world.

Number Nine – I spend New Years Eve with the weirdest group of people, and it was great. Liz, my friend from Los Angeles came over to visit me, and I spent the week showing her all over England. We spent New Years Eve with Jo and her boyfriend, firstly at the trampoline park that I used to work at, messing around and having fun, but then with some of her boyfriends friends at her dads house party. What a weird combination. But everyone was happy and laughing, and it was a great group of people to see in the new year.

I hope that 2017 is as incredible as 2016 was.

Speak soon,



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