My makeup collection – primers. 

Hello! Welcome to my first makeup collection post! Today is my primers!

I’m going to list them in order of what I like / use the most and then let you know my opinion after! Enjoy!!


Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm – So this is my favourite primer. It is probably my cheapest primer, but it makes my makeup stay on for so long because of its sticky base.


My Make Up Forever Step 1 primer is my all time favourite, even though its not at the top of my list. Its only second because of its price tag. It blends beautifully and you cant even tell that my skin is naturally red.


Smashbox Photo finish – really looks good in photos. Thats literally the only reason like it.




I don’t really use these (Porefessional, nude magique and blur cream) but when I do I really notice a difference. It minimises my pores a hell of a lot.


This Cover FX illuminating primer is actually amazing. I don’t think it helps with the longerity of my makeup but it definitely makes my skin glow.


Elf Blemish control primer – not my favourite. The green smothers your entire face and is difficult to blend in. Glad it only cost a few pounds.


Monuskin Illuminating primer and the IT Cosmetics CC Cream I haven’t actually used yet, so sorry, no review for those.

Speak soon,




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