How to survive Christmas with your family.

Okay, the title of this seems morbid, but trust me on this.

The Christmas and New Year period is a time to spend with your family, but sometimes, its a bit too much.

Maybe your little cousin is too hyper and wants you to play with them, or your dad is constantly being the Grinch or your grandma keeps asking you to get things for her. You want to enjoy yourself, but there are these little things that keep getting in the way. Here are a few ways to get through it.

1 – Your entire family will only really get together on big occasions like this or birthdays, so you only really see them ALL twice, maybe three times a year. Treasure the time you have with them.

2 – If your over 18, have a couple of drinks and all of a sudden everything anyone does will be funny! Don’t get too drunk though, so your not an embarrassment! It sounds like a great idea, but let’s be honest, you’ll just end up crying under the tree.

3 – Try to plan in advance what sort of films or tv you want to watch after lunch so there are no arguments! You don’t want to spoil Christmas Day because you want to watch Outnumbered and your grandma wants the Queens speech. Record things so that you can watch them later!

Speak soon!



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