My makeup storage!

A makeup bag is perfect to hold your makeup if you only have what you need. When makeup becomes your obsession, one bag just isn’t enough to hold it all.

I used to hold all of my makeup in the Ikea Kallax shelving drawers, and then just finding empty boxes to put things in. But I had that storage for a while, and wanted to rearrange things a little, so I recently bought 2 Alex 9 drawers; typical beauty lover. Let me show you my array of makeup!

So these drawers don’t just hold beauty products, but they have other things in too. Ill only show you the top few with beauty bits ‘n’ pieces in today.

So, in the top left drawer I have makeup remover products, and then all of my makeup is in the drawers on the right, closer to my dresser. Top – Primer, foundation and concealer. 2nd – Blush, bronzer, contour, highlight and powder. 3rd – Palettes and setting sprays. 4th – Lip products. 5th – Eyeliners, single eyeshadows, mascara and brow products.


Since I only got my Alex drawers recently, not everything is perfect, and I will be getting some acrylic storage. Let me know if you want to see what it looks like with them.

Speak soon,



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