Nail talk… how I grew out my nails. 

Gooood afternoon! How are you? I’m doing great.

For some people, having long and luxurious nails is difficult to get. I was one of those people.

In school I would constantly be biting my nails in class, especially when I was bored. They were so short they were practically non-existent. Its been about 3 and a half years now since I last bit my nails, and thats all down to one thing; nail polish.

My school were incredibly strict on having no nail polish, but towards the end of year 11, I noticed people starting to push the boundaries. I decided that I would try a nude coat to see if it would stop me biting my nails. It did! Because I thought that my nails looked pretty with colour on them, I didn’t bit them, afraid that I would chip the polish.

My nails slowly started growing, and over summer they got to a nice length. I had officially finished year 11, and in sixth form we were allowed nail polish! My nails grew out nicely. I made sure to change the colour every 3-4 days, so that was another reason for me not to get bored, and so that they didn’t chip. I knew that the minute they’d chip, I’d think they look ugly and bite them again.

The summer of year 12, everything ALMOST got ruined. I went for a job interview and was told that if I were to work there that I wouldn’t be allowed nail polish. WHAT? All my hard work would be ruined the second I got bored, I knew it.

I went for my first shift with no nail varnish on, and it took so much effort not to bite my nails. But then I noticed that one of my new colleagues had false nails on. I went home and put a nude coat back on my nails and hid my fingertips from my manager for months before I noticed she didn’t care at all.

Another reason that I believe my nails are so nice now is Biotin supplements. I originally started to take them to help my hair get healthy again, but as they ‘support the maintenance of hair, skin and nails’ I guess they helped too.

So here we are, 3 and a half years later, my nails so nice and long and strong that people are always asking if they are fake!

I hope you learned how to take care of your nails!

Speak soon,



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