Hairstyles – Summer into Winter!

Summer is most definitely gone. That makes me sad. But winter is coming, meaning halloween and bonfire night and CHRISTMAS!!!

Today I’m just going to be nattering on about how my hairstyles will/are changing from summer into winter. And even though I am saying this, I can assure you that I will still wear my hair in pony tails and french plaits when its -5 degrees outside, purely because…. well, I don’t really have a reason, I just will.

Okay, so. In summer, because its hot, I never want my hair to be on my neck or ears too much. Most summers, I’d just shove my hair up in a pony tail. But summer of 2016, I was obsessed with plaits, so I incorporated them into my ponytail. Example one, like the image below, I’d plait my fringe. Another style I liked to do was to plait the bottom half of my hair going up my head. Then when I was bouncing around on the trampolines at work, you’d see it and it was a cute little surprise. haha.


The other style I was obsessed with this summer, was just 2 normal plaits down the side. I say this was quick and simple, but it really wasn’t. It took me at least 15 minutes to do, on a good day – which was very rare. But it was nice and comfy, got my hair off of my face, and when I was bouncing it refrained from whipping me in the face; my ponytail still did that.


While I was at NYFA, I tended to have my hair down for filming, purely because I don’t like the way I look with my hair in a ponytail – no matter how messy or loose it is. But filming in 32 degree heat, with no shade, a hell of a lot of makeup on and your hair down could get pretty difficult. As soon as filming was over, I’d whip my hair into a quick bun, just like this one, to get all of my hair off of my neck and back.


So, winter is here and you want to know how to go from those three updo’s to having your hair down so it covers your ears and keeps them warm. Number one: Half up, half down will become your best friend. I personally, can’t bear my fringe in my face. Especially when I am cold, because my cold fringe makes me even colder when it flops onto my cheek. Loosely bunning the top half of your hair avoids this, as well as just creating a top not. They also look super put together and cute, even if you have just shoved it up!


One thing that bugs me about winter is the wind. Putting my hair in a top not is all well and good until the wind blows it all in my face and I’m walking around holding my hair so I am still able to see. This is when loose plaits come in handy. The hair still covers your ears, but is neatly tucked away so that no wind is going to blow it onto your face. The only downside is that your neck is a little colder, but hey, thats what scarves are for, right?


So yes, I probably will be wearing all of these hairstyles this winter, but its okay, because this is the first winter ever where I can drive! No more freezing walks to school (because I don’t go anymore) because I can drive!

Speak soon,



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