Becoming an adult and being lucky

Turning 18 can seem scary and exiting all at once.

I’ve had a full time job since July, I’ve been 18 since August. I no longer get an allowance from my parents and instead I have to pay them rent. Now I’ve had some practise at being an adult, it’s finally time to play for real.

When it comes to purchasing things, I always look for the best deal, or see if there’s any promo codes I can use to get a little discount. I like to save my money for when I want to buy something big, because there’s always gonna be some apple product that I want.

Yesterday was definitely my day. But first, a story.
September 2015 the iPhone 6s was released in the highly anticipated rose gold. I’d spent summer googling prices of contracts, comparing the deals and looking as to whether sim only was a good option. It took me 3 months to save for the iPhone, from my weekend job. Now I just needed it to be in stock.

I remember the day I got my iPhone 6s. It was Saturday October 10th. At this point I was sure I was going to Uni straight after year 13, and I loved how Kingston University sounded on UCAS, with their year abroad scheme and the courses and the accommodation and everything. So my dad drove me down to Kingston, London to look at their university. The place itself was amazing, the university, not so much.

I was devastated. So we went shopping to cheer me up. We were wondering through the shopping centre at Kingston when I saw an apple shop.
The lady serving me was kinda annoying, but turned into the best person ever. She reminded me of my terrible morning constantly, but then she brought me the last iPhone 6s in Rose Gold that they had in the store. I was so happy. The day after I went into my town to get a sim only contract with 4gb of data, which my dad had to pay for because I was 17.

Back to today.

Now I’m 18, I can pay my own phone bill and have a contract under my name. My contract runs out next week, and I went into EE yesterday to see what options were available to me to keep my 6s.

The gentleman told me that my current 4gb data contract had increased by £2 a month. That was annoying, why can’t I pay the same as before? But then he saw a deal.

16gb for the exact same price?!

So now, for the next year, I don’t have to worry about using all of my data because I have a hell of a lot of it. But it still gets better.

Apple watches are a cool piece of technology. Sleek and beautiful and now in rose gold to match my iPhone 6s. Oh how I wanted one. But downside – £269 at least. No, thank you.

PC World, however, sometimes drop the price of random items for a few days without telling anyone. Today, was a frigging rose gold Apple Watch.

£269 down to £179. I am not passing this up. Goodbye to my pretty bank account with quite a bit of money in. Hello to my brand new pretty rose gold Apple Watch.

Say hello, it’s going to be here with me for a few years at least.

Speak soon,



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