New York Film Academy – My Experience

Hi again!

This summer, I spent 3 weeks in Los Angeles at New York Film Academy (NYFA) studying acting for film. It was the best summer I have ever had, as I met so many wonderful people, and got to learn a lot about what I want to do in the future.

In my class, there were 14 of us. 11 girls and 3 guys, and we were from all over the world. It was mostly Americans, but there were people from places like Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Lebanon and more!

3 days a week, we had classes which were 9am until 6pm. When I first saw the schedule, I was scared at the thought of spending 8 hours a day in class. But when your rehearsing lines or filming, the time goes pretty fast. The other 2 days we were on Universal Studios set, being in the filmmakers short films. These were the best days, as we got to properly experience what it would be like on real sets, and we even got a food truck to come at lunch!

At the weekend, we went to theme parks such as Universal and Six Flags, as well as going to Hollywood Boulevard and Santa Monica. These days were just as long as weekdays, when we had to meet at 8:30am to get on the bus to go there.

The accommodation they provide was really nice. There were 3 of us in my room, me, Aurora and Mikaela, but they were both filmmakers.  We all had single beds, but the living area and kitchen was a decent size, and we regularly had friends over after class to play cards against humanity or to watch a film.

The only thing I didn’t really like about the whole experience was the food. And I know what your thinking ‘BUT AMERICAN FOOD IS GREAT’. I thought that too. We were provided with lunch and dinner every day, and you could tell that it was mass made, like you see in american films, it was just dolloped onto my plate. I gave up with their food, and regularly got a chicken caesar salad from the cafe, and ordered take out with my friends.

I met a lot of amazing people while I was at NYFA, and have made memories that I will never forget. I spent most of the last day crying, because I didn’t have to leave until 3pm, and I saw most people go before me. Liz was going at 6:30am, so me, my roommates, classmates and our other friends all got up at 5:30am and went to say goodbye, and watch the sunrise together. It was a beautiful morning.

I cried a few times on the plane and when I got home too. I missed everyone so much already. But I knew that I was going to see a lot of them again. Next summer, were arranging to meet up in Paris, and some of us will go to the NYFA camp again.

New York Film Academy is where I truly realised that I wanted to be an actress, and it has helped me understand and learn techniques that I never would have learnt doing my A-Levels.

Speak soon,



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