My favourite sheetmasks!

Happy Saturday!

Who’s having a relaxing evening in? I am! Today I’m going to have a pamper evening, so I thought I would share with you my favourite sheet masks!

As you can guess, I am obsessed with the Sephora ones, and every time I go, I buy loads more to stock up! They’re so cute and aesthetically pleasing, the colours are so  eye catching! I’ve tried a few of them before, but there’s some here that are brand new to my collection!

One of the things I like about the collection is how they have face, eye and lip masks. It is nice to target specific area’s, especially if there are small problem areas on your face. The nose pore strips are also a favourite of mine too. You can check those out here.


I like how each one has a different purpose, whether it be to moisturize the skin, reduce the signs of tiredness and fatigue or relieve sensitive areas. This is what they are all claiming to do:

Avocado Face Mask: Nurtures and supports healthy skin by offering intense nutrition and relieving sensitive areas.
Green Tea Face Mask: Mattifies and purifies to soothe skin, minimize shine, and reduce the appearance of outbreaks.
Pomegranate Face Mask: Awakens, energizes, and tones the skin for a fresh appearance.
Algae Face Mask: Detoxifies the skin to get rid of impurities that cause dullness for a fresh, radiant complexion.
Orchid Face Mask: Moisturizes and evens skin tone to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging.
Lotus Face Mask: Locks in water to reduce the signs of fatigue and strain for a stress-free and rested appearance.
Pearl Face Mask: Perfects and brightens with natural-origin pearl to create high luminosity and visibly minimize irregularities.
Rose Face Mask: Provides deep moisture and brightening properties through natural rose extract.


When applying the masks it’s super simple and quick with no faffing about! You simply put it on for 15 minutes, take it off and massage the rest of the liquid into the skin. Check out the face masks here.

Rose Eye Mask: Replenishes the delicate eye contour and gives an immediate radiance boost for a plumper, fresher, and brighter look.
Pearl Eye Mask: Evens out the eye contour, minimizes irregularities, and illuminates the skin for eyes that appear more uniform, radiant, and fresh.
Ginseng Eye Mask: Provides a tightening effect on the skin around the eyes while stimulating and revitalizing for a toned and energized look.
Lingzhi Eye Mask: Helps minimize the signs of aging by creating the look of plumper, smoother skin for a more youthful-looking eye contour.
Lotus Eye Mask: Locks in water to to reduce the signs of fatigue and strain for fresh, stress free, and rested eyes.
Pomegranate Eye Mask: Reduces signs of fatigue, awakens, and tones the eye for a rested, energetic look.
Honey Eye Mask: Nourishes and soothes the fine, delicate skin around eyes for instant relief and a velvety-soft, replenished, and balanced eye contour.
Green Tea Eye Mask: Gives a cool, fresh sensation to the eye area and provides a smoothing effect for a wide-awake look.


When applying the masks, its super simple and quick with no messing around! You simply put it on for 15 minutes, take it off and massage the rest of the liquid into the skin. Check out the eye masks here.

Speak soon


The Youtubers that I watch!

Good morning everyone!

This is a bit of a weird one, but I’m basically just going to ramble on about my favourite youtubers for a bit! I thought it would be a good way for you to get to know what I like to watch!


Jaclyn Hill – I love the personality of people who live in Florida, on YouTube and in real life, so this is one of the reasons I love Jaclyn. Her relationship with Jon is super cute too!

Check her out:

Main Channel


Kathleen Lights – I think Kathleen was one of the first beauty youtubers I started to watch, I love how she does anything, ranging from a bold cut crease to a simple look. If I want to see a tutorial on one of my new palettes, I know she will have done one.

Check her out:

Main Channel


Emily Canham – I actually used to be good friends with Emily, we went to school together and had the same friends. I started to watch her video’s just because she was my friend, but I do genuinely like them. She has come such a long way in the last few years, and its amazing to see her working with brands like L’Oreal and YSL.

Check her out:

Main Channel
Vlog Channel


Gabriella Lindley – I actually can’t remember when I started watching Gab, I know it was before she got her first kitten, and before she was friends with Zoe. She makes me laugh, her cats are super cute, and I love how she is constantly redecorating her house too!

Check her out:

Main Channel
Vlog Channel


Andrea Russett – She was one of the first youtubers I started to watch, and I am so obsessed. I love watching her videos when I am having a bad day as they cheer me up a lot. Definitely a great person to watch if you’re feeling down.

Check her out:

Main Channel

There you go, these are my go to you tubers at the minute! They’re all amazing, and I think you should check them out!!

Speak soon,


Changing my parents house around.


How are you all? I am great!!

I recently decided that I wanted more independence at home, as I am almost 19 now, I have a car and a full time job, but I still live at home. My bedroom just wasn’t cutting it. I spent days talking to my parents about moving out, whether I should rent, or buy, and if I had the money.

Dad didn’t want me to rent because its dead money, and would be so difficult for me to save money, but I also didn’t have enough savings for a deposit on a house, unless my parents wanted to help me (massively)!

We decided on letting me have the spare room along with my bedroom, so I could have a sofa and TV etc. It is essentially a lounge, but upstairs. The only compromise was that when my grandparents come to stay, they can have my bed. I’m fine with that! I spent a couple of days sourcing furniture and drawing floor plans of both rooms to see what would work best.

I got one of the Argos Sofa’s in a Box, and in my opinion, its great for the price! Its comfortable and stylish, and once you put a couple of cushions on, it looks great. I got two grey fluffy heart cushions and a square teal one, all from B and M for just under £10. In the same room as my sofa and TV, I also have my dressing table and makeup etc, while all of my shoes are also in this room. In my bedroom I now just have my bed, wardrobe and my IKEA Kallax Units.

I’m so happy with my new rooms, and its good because it means I can save my money too!

I’m sure you’ll see what they look like in future posts!

Speak soon,


My makeup collection – eye shadow and palettes.

Good evening! How’s your day going?

Today, I have all of my eye shadow and palettes to show you. I don’t actually own that many anymore, as I sold a few of them, or gave them to friends and family. I didn’t see the point in owning things I wasn’t using. So here’s the rest of my collection.


Speak Soon,


My Rome trip – June 2017!

Its been so long already since I went to Rome, and I am only just typing this blog post!

I had the best time seeing my friend and being a tourist! I even got to spend a couple of days at the beach sunbathing! Take a look at some of my photos –


You can see better versions of these pictures on my photography page at the top, or here –

Speak soon,



The 7 years of friendships. 

Hi everyone, today is a different sort of blog post. It isn’t makeup, or beauty, or anything like that. It’s just me rambling on about how my friendships have followed, or maybe not, the 7 year rule.

We’re only just past half way through the year, and my friendships have already changed so much. I’ve already lost someone I thought would be my best friend for a long long time, but Ive spoken to people again who I haven’t spoken to properly since school finished last summer.

Most friendships apparently last around 7 years, and if they are longer than that then you’ll be friends with that person forever. I really think this is true. I had a friend when I was a baby who I didn’t speak to once we started school, but then I started hanging out with her again when we were about 11 because we went to the same secondary. She was my best friend, but a few years later we started to drift apart, and it was then that I realised the 7 year rule is true.

As you go through secondary school, your friendship group changes a hell of a lot, and people who are best friends one year may hate each other the next. It doesn’t really help when boys and relationships get involved either. And when you go to a girls school too, that makes matters even worse!

There are two people who I’m friends with, and we go through stages of being super close, and then there are times when we don’t speak for months. But I know I can trust them with everything.

What I don’t know though, is if they’re going to be apart of the 7 year rule. One of the girls, I’ve known since I was 10, but we had only really become friends when I was about 14. The other girl, I was best friends with for about a year when I was 13, then again when I was 16, and now we’re close again. I guess I’ll just have to wait a few years to see if these people will be apart of the rest of my life, but for now, I’m thankful they’re here for some of it.

One thing that worries me about ‘the 7 years of friendship’ is that what if it applies to relationships too? What if I found the love of my life but it was only going to be perfect for 7 years?

Food for thought. Thanks for reading.
Speak soon,


My makeup collection – mascara, eyeliner and brows.

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much recently. Ive just been super busy at work. Today I’ve got my mascara, eyeliner and brow product collection. I hope you enjoy!

Mascara – DSC01381Artdeco All In One Mascara.

DSC01380Mac Studio Sculpt Superblack Lash.

DSC01379Kiko mascara.

DSC01378Milani Runway Lashes Instant Volume Mascara.

DSC01372Revlon Lash Potion.

DSC01373Impact+ Mascara.

DSC01374Fairy Lashes Mascara.

DSC01375Rimmel Accelerator Endless Mascara.

DSC01376Still Huge Extreme Lash.

DSC01377Benefit Roller Lash.

DSC01371Too Faced Better Than Sex.

Eyeshadow Primer – DSC01408Urban Decay Primer Samples.

DSC01407Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

DSC01406Cover FX Anti Age SmoothingEye Primer.

Eyeliner – DSC01405Rimmel Soft Kohl – White.

DSC01404Kiko Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner and Kohl.

DSC01403Kiko Lasting Precision Automatic Eyeliner and Kohl.

DSC01402Bellapierre Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner.

DSC01401Max Factor kohl pencil – brown.

DSC01400Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer.

DSC01399NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil.

DSC01398Calvin Klein Felt Eyeliner.

DSC01397Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner.

DSC01396Tarte Tartiest Eye Liner.

DSC01395Rimmel Glam Eyes Professional Liquid Liner.

DSC01394Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner.

DSC01393Too Faced 3 Way Lash Liner.

DSC01392Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock.

DSC01390Maybelline Eye studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

Brow Products – DSC01389Rimmel Brow this Way.

DSC01388Maybelline Brow Drama – Transparent.

DSC01387Stila Brow Gel.

DSC01386Anastasia Brow Definer – Blonde.

DSC01385Sleek Brow Gel.

DSC01384Anastasia Brow gel – Blonde.

DSC01383Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – Blonde.

DSC01382Elizabeth Arden Brow Powder – Blonde.

Thats it!

Speak soon,